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So I absolutely LOVE Vray.... I'm still using the trial and will absolutely pay for the full version.

I'm really happy with the early results I'm seeing but one thing I just cannot get my head around is the sunlight and how it interacts with the environment controls particularly the background and Sky overrides. If someone could ELI5 on those that would be cool.

My main issue right now is having this predominantly white interior looking rather orange because of the sunlight coming through the windows.

I've turned the Ozone up and Turbidity down and messed around with a whole bunch of controls. The sun is fairly high in the sky too.

You can see the different with the sun on and off.... what am I missing ?


interior 2.jpg

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Looking good!

The Sun controls are pretty straightforward, and I would try adjusting the Override Environment Sky Settings.  I like the CIE Overcast for some scenes, but it is more subtle than the other Sky models.  Try a Filter color of light blue.   That should get you close without much other effort except adjusting for Intensity (.5 is a good start) and shadow adjustments (Try Size Multiplier of 10 for softer shadows).

More info - http://www.formz.com/products/vray/V-Ray_Documentation/index.htm#t=V-Ray_Sun_Light.htm

You should also try the Denoiser on Mild with an update frequency of 0 (at the end of rendering only).  It will clean up your image without adding any significant rendering time.

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