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VRay reinstall


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Just thought I'd mention this...

I just rebuilt my Mac from scratch after a major 'issue' with the current 10.14 Mojave system and reinstalled FormZ and VRay build 1221 on a freshly fully formatted drive.

All went ok except for the VRay install which gave the error can't find server.

I  noticed that with the latest install that came direct from the FormZ site it did not ask for the chaos account login or say that it was explicitly installing the server as it installed the plugin.

I did a permissions fix on the Chaosgroup folder as mentioned in earlier posts on this forum and then just downloaded the latest license server 5.1.2 from the chaos website and installed it - immediately it ran all OK on starting up FormZ.

Anyway - summary - the latest license server works OK if downloaded direct from the Chaosgroup website - If like me you have to reformat your drive and rebuild your system...


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