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Escapee from Rhino want guitar modeling

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Hi there,

in last few years I have used programs like Rhino 4 and Solidworks demo (last years) to design a models of solid body guitars that would be shaped so good that is suitable for CNC routing. Even Internet is huge it's hard to find out reliable and precise 3D models suitable for it, and I had intention to make some my own design. Until now it was good working with Rhino but I faced with difficulties when I had to join headstock with rest of guitar neck; I wasn't able to make it smooth and precise. So, I saw this software and based on some examples I thought it would offer a wanted solution for me instead Rhino.

What you think? Is there anybody who created some guitar or bass with some version of form Z 7/8? What are your opinions, suggestions about this challenge? Do you have some advice, or you saw somewhere some clips about it?

Thank you.

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Hi Ludus,


Yes, we have quite a few users modeling guitars using formZ.  Here's one link to a user who comments on it on their site:




(Scroll down a few "stories" to find formZ.)


Hey Tech, thank you... I saw some examples with form Z features and made conclusion that form Z could be better than Rhino 4 in many aspects. I'll check your link.

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