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Render help...new to vray (30 day trial)

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Trying to get a quick render but need roof shingles more charcoal/black (as shown in material preview). Renders out quite light and greenish (even more so than showing up in this image).  I used stock vray roof tile texture.  Any help for this?

ps  I need background black so in PS the image can be easily selected to be pasted in site photo.


vray environment.JPG

vray roof shingle.JPG

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The stock VRay materials leave a lot to be desired, IMHO.  

If you can find another .vrmat or .vismat asphalt roof material to use, I think you will find it easier.  Otherwise, you need to edit the Diffuse Color Texture Map, Image file.  Remove the Green tint in Photoshop and then reapply...

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Thank you Justin.  Seems like the stock vray vismat files are locked, but was able to "save as" and edit the texture map file in PS.  I had forgotten the procedure for doing this...I used Maxwell Render when it first came out but have not used any 3D or render program since I've been retired (abt 7 yrs or so), just doing a little on the side now.  Got that resolved with your help.

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