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What did you do to formZ 8.6.3?!

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I just sent this email to Support:


Recently I posted on the forum about how stable formZ has become. I was very pleased until the last couple of days.


I’m modelling the interiors for a hotel lobby. Lots of repetitive furniture, light fixtures etc. So to expedite I began using clones and grouped tables and chairs etc. This was the worst thing I could have done!!


After reopening the file formZ told me 60 or more objects were corrupt. I began noticing many objects were missing. These objects had been grouped before, but now many of the objects were gone!


Before you think it’s some bad geometry I created, notice this: I opened the same file with version 8.5.7 and only about 20 objects were corrupt.


How can I meet deadlines when 30% of the geometry I created disappears?! You guys need to get your act together and fixed this program. Don’t offer clones or groups unless you test them thoroughly and eliminate these devastating bugs.


Of course, my boss only looks at his bottom line, he thinks I’m the problem, not your program. I have sent the files before to you, only to be told they are very big files and I need to isolate the problem. Sorry, no, you need to isolate the problem. You will see when I send the file that there are no serious issues with the geometry, there are issues with the program.



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We are sorry you encountered a problem with formZ. Clones are a feature that has been around in older versions of formZ for years (In fact the technology is behind the scenes in v7 and v8). We re-enabled the UI in v8.6 as we had a number of request for this feature.

The message that you encountered is an indication of a geometric or topological problem with one or more objects. As clones are really just a linkage between objects so the family can be updated when one changes, we doubt that this is the cause of the problem. As you get a similar message in v8.5 (which is blind to clones), its a indication that the clone linkage is not itself the issue at hand.

The support team has answered your email and hopefully we can get the root of the issue.


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