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DWG import colours script (LAB?)

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So I have done all my materials for Vray, and I import a DWG (Architecture) to render in FZ.

DWG has line colours which translate into materials in FormZ (Material 1...x)

Now I manually delete the imported materials that come with the dwg and replace them with the needed materials for Vray.

i.e. Material 3 (red) becomes a wooden material: delete material 3, replace with wood.

Do that 50+ times this takes a while but gives the needed result. render.


Problem is that once the Architecture DWG is updated and comes in again (updated version) all of this has to be done again.


Can somebody help - how about a script that replaces DWG colours with the materials I have set in my FormZ file ON IMPORT ?


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You should have gotten a warning when you imported the DWG a second time.  A pop up window should tell you that the imported file has the same material names as the current project.  It should ask you if you want to use the materials in the current project or the ones from your clipboard.  You would just use the ones from your current project.  Are you not getting that warning?


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