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surface from segments

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Andrew, thank you for your response.  I had drawn some individual 2d construction geometry segments that were "closed", and decided after the fact that I wanted to make that a surface.  In another 3d app I used quite a bit in the past (before retirement) I would select them and "make surface".  From your comment I realized that my geometry was "closed" but the segments were not joined, so just found that the FZ "join" command in that case makes the unjoined but closed geometry a surface. 

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If your geometry is not already a surface, i.e. a collection of lines, arcs, polylines, etc. then you can simply use the "join" tool. Select all objects and apply "join." All endpoints of lines, etc. must be coincident in order for this tool to work.

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As per Shibui's description, use the join in the Edit palette.


But unless the points of the shape are planer, it won't automatically create a surface.

I've list a few methods among many below for non-planer surfaces. Assuming the wire edges are all joined to one object.


1. "Cover Wire" tool in the "Derive 3" palette which will make a smooth surface. This can then be converted to a nurbs surface if you want.

2. "Nurbs by boundary curve tool".

3. Facetted surface by using the "triangulate tool" using your preferred triangulation option.

4. "Cap tool" in the Derive 3 palette.


There are other ways depending on what you want.


Hope this helps,



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