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Just do a search for "cutout people". There's loads out there, just make sure they're transparent (png for example) or with an alpha channel.


Here's one I found just now https://visualizingarchitecture.com/cutout-people-2017/


Then just apply the texture to a flat upright surface of the same proportion and select align to camera in FormZ so they always face you.


Hope this helps





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Either they come in mapped just fine, or for some concepts I will use a transparent material for that ghosted conceptual look.


It's worth mentioning that 3D people also work well, and if you get .OBJ or .SKP 3D people files, they also come in mapped just fine.  - https://renderpeople.com/3d-people/

Seems to me I tried it a while back and it came in with the maps screwed up.

I will give it another. I seldom us them but it could be a handy option.

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