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Parallel tool

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Thank you guys
I found the tool but it only has one option
The old parallel tools had many which it is true gave identical results to other tools.
Except that the simplification in formZ8 is only apparent since now we have to look for specific tools for separate operations. (for example Thicken)
In addition, in the end the offset surface tool does not even allow to orient the created surface (in / center / out) ...
Formz 8 gives me the impression that wanting to simplify the interface has also eliminated options ...
I really find nice the visualization of operations such as for example the insertion of a hole in a solid
By cons I remain skeptical about the changes made on the interface: less option for tools that are replaced by new tools ...
It's not easier
It would also have been possible to change the palette of tool options to make the variations more explicit and easier to learn for new users without disturbing old practitioners like me ...

I use Pylon plugins daily (essential and genial)
And for example you have the live section which has been developed exactly in this spirit: once engaged in the "section" tool the palette option offers integrated tools that offer the option or sub-operations ...

I am very bored with this formz8, on one side there are new features like the new subdivisions (but NOT older ones ... which was not quite the same thing) on ​​the other there are disappearances Dramatic (scale views or order layers display and many more ...

In the end I do not see how I will do without Z673 although in formz8 there are many ergonomic improvements and some new chapter ...

In my humble opinion Formz 9 should come back to a professional software (not a sketchup for 1st year study) filled with endless options that allow each user to create his own relationship to the software depending on his needs his motivation and his competences.
When I use my SLR camera with hyper sophisticated automation I also want to be able to throw everything and go into manual as if I had a 1950 leica

If such a user is more comfortable with a wireframe display why impose an interactive shaded or simply deny the possibility of selection within the boundaries?

Ok I'm a little annoyed tonight.
It will be better tomorrow
or not

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One plus side to more tools with fewer options is the ability to assign more key shortcuts to tools for better, faster and more efficient workflow with less mousing around to palette options.


My transition from 6 to 8 was very delayed and difficult because of the reductions in functionality in the early days.  Over the years, ADS has added tools and procedures that have dramatically increased modeling speed and flexibility.   It has become a better product but it does require a sometimes painful transition period to learn the newer workflows.  I ran both versions at the same time for a long time, in the early days I spent more time in V6, over time, I began using V8 more and more of the time.  I now run V8 exclusively with a few rare exceptions:.


1. 3 Point Alignment Plugin only works in V6

2. 1-2 Sided Geometry Tool not available in V8

3. Texture Group Mapping editing - I haven't found a way to add or remove faces from texture groups on a single object in V8 yet once they are set.

4. About 50% of the time I go back to Pylon's Live Section Plug In in V6.  50% of the time I use the clipping planes in V8.  Hidden line delivers much faster and cleaner results in V8, but Ben's Plug-In is still a joy to use. (And I still love the way that Pylon's Underlay tool functions as well!)

5. Slab Options in the Parallel Tool missing from the Offset Surface Tool
6. Set Attributes Tool in V8 less powerful than the Get/Set Tool Combination in V8

7. Derive Patch Tools can still be useful in certain limited situations - converting all faces (including non planar) of an object to smooth faces in a single click.


There are a few other things which could still use some refining/tweaking and ADS is still strongly committed to making V8 a better product with each new update.  Perhaps a dedicated forum thread with suggestions for updates and for V9 would be helpful to the developers?



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thank you, Setz for your answer

You're not wrong about keyboard shortcuts (I'm currently looking at whether it's possible to assign one for the normal display which is now placed in the object attribute instead of the display options ...

among the points that you noted I had detected some.

2. 1-2 Sided Geometry Tool not available in V8
5. Slab Options in the Parallel Tool
6. Set Attributes Tool in V8 less powerful than the Get / Set Tool Combination in V8
7. Derive Patch Tools can still be used in certain limited situations - converting all the faces (including non planar) of an object to smooth faces in a single click.
In this register I also regret the c-mesh tool that I find very effective once it has been understood to create mesh very quickly since their representation by a network of polyline (without surface)
Besides, I do not know if there is an alternative Z8 that is equally effective in creating lowpoly meshes that can serve as a basis for the new subdivision tool?

Does the pugin you are talking about is the 3 points align tool?
This one I use it regularly (in particular to position the objects a little complex on polygonal surfaces (typically the vehicles on ground)

I'm not coming back to the work of Ben Dean which I can not say enough good ...

On the other hand I am very worried about the situation of the layout which seems to me a tool very insufisant to replace what I do manually with the draft.
I recently read in a discussion a user (justin Montoya I think) who answers a question about the drafting by wondering if there are still people to draw in 2D ...
I think that any architect goes over again and for a long time by plan drawing at one time or another
And anyway for my part I must extract from my 3D plan views or facades and draw them on paper ...

I guess the "suggestions" section is where to put our ideas or question.
But it would probably be very good to group the suggestions on the specific theme of migration Z6 Z8 / 9, tools and options that have disappeared and should be reintroduced ...


Ah yes there is a genial thing in the interface 8 is the tools by favorites (default shortcut "spacebar" + letter for the list

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- No way to key shortcut the normals as of yet.  It's still a request for the developers - that and quicker draw times for normal arrows and points

- Yes that is the "Points align tool" needs to be included in FZ as a regular tool

- Drawings are still common in my business, any updates to make it easier are greatly appreciated

- Make use of the Spacebar-Tools on Screen menu, it can be customized and saved.  I use it for tools which I don't use often enough to key shortcut but often enough that I don't want to search for them.  Between that and key shortcuts, I (almost) never use the tool Palette.

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I use it for tools which I don't use often enough to key shortcut but often enough that I don't want to search for them. 




I have about 60 shortcut that I use permanently.

Beyond that, it becomes a bit complicated.

How do you organize for your 2D outings?

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Regarding the display of points and normals, I wonder if the way to display them is not in question.

In Z673 in wireframe (no OGL) the points are displayed by a square in the screen space at fixed size regardless of the zoom level
The normals are displayed by a symbol that is certainly vector (segments + triangles) the size is also fixed, the main vector seems to be located in the space 3d and the orientation of the triangle forming the head of the arrow seems to be oriented according to view.

In OGL (wireframe or interactive shaded) the display is very similar
In shaded we see very well the triangle that forms the arrowhead that does not re-orientate immediately.

Regarding the display of selection (points, segments, faces) the native wireframe or OGL is very fine (vector highlighting without antialiasing) (which I always found perfect)
It is on the shaded interactive display that appeared the display of points selected by small spheres in 3D fixed size.
At first (I do not remember the FZ version) their size was not always fixed and you could temporarily have big spheres with a zoom in.
This problem has been fixed and version 673 works perfectly.

In formZ 8 the display of normals and points is almost the same as in Z673 except that the arrowhead is now a cone.
However, it is imperative to double the command at the display options and allow the shortcut to display the normal
On the other hand leaving also at the level of the attributes allow to display only for set of selection and that it is super

Note the normal are displayed without shading in all modes and that is also perfect because it does not overload.

By cons for selections it is much heavier graphically speaking.
The points are displayed selected by spheres (as interactive shaded in 673) but they are too big.
(The vector braces of the native wireframe were very thin which is very handy on the mesh)

It would be enough either to reduce them or better to allow the user to choose the size in preference and even better to allow a forced display in wireframe (as for normal) or other option to display the sahding of the sphere in transparency

For vectors (segments and faces) the selection display is always antialiased (even if the option is disabled in the setting of display parameters)
It's not terrible and even painful on dense mesh.
It should be followed the general setting and thus let the user choose ..

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