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Hello everyone

I am currently working on the conversion of some work processes that I use extensively on FZ 6.7.3


1- architectural modeling
2- image at a resolution and a scale specific to a paper output
3- composition in draft to add vector drawings (hidden line etc) and infos

my problem :
Scale image

Creating a specific size and resolution view via view parameters
For example: 2280 px x 1536 px for an image 38.61 cm x 26.01 cm @ 150 dpi
Scale display for example 1/75 (menu)

Is it possible in Z8 to reproduce this kind of  settings
Especially how to adjust the zoom to fit a specific scale?

The image produced is then used either as it is imported in the draft

The second part of the problem lies in the layout
I do not know yet if I will be able to put an image in the background (on a layer with display by order) and then add plots (for example a hidden line or other)
I will come back


thanks in advance


example in attached file


sorry for multi attachment





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In addition to my previous post :


In LAYOUT workspace :


- If I want to work with different colors on the same layer, is there a way to set the color before using a drawing tool (not after the object generation) and not at the project level

(in other words where is the Z6 color palette ? )

- "default" line weight end line style cannot be edited (and deleted) even if it is NOT the "active" item (it would be better to be able to change the names or parameters rather than keep a dead style)

This is to avoid having to edit the parameters of the entities created each time after their creation

- Layout project setting > border > Weight : what are the units ? Pixels ?

- Workplace layout > display options > anti aliasing unchecked : it does not affect the grid that remains anti-aliased.


Project setting

is it possible to disable the display of controls just after the generation of objects ?


Thanks in advance



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I miss the possibility of a scaled rendering in FormZ 8 too.

That was so good in Version 6 – and I have reported this to Autodessys before – without any feedback… :-(


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I did not think it had been deleted !!
I thought I did not find it.
In Z673 not only the dislay menu allows to display custom display scale but there is also the small popup menu next to the zoom level indicator.
(It just lacks a custom zoom menu) but with all this we can really render an image at a precise scale.
In architecture it is indispensable and one of the fundamental bases of the job

In addition Z8 layout does not display images other than hidden line!
So it becomes complicated
I suppose it may be possible to draw a scale manually calculated in the layout that corresponds to a known value on the model.
and import an image and then scale it with the controls or with the scale tool
But it's DIY
In production we can not work like that.

Did you report this problem a long time ago?

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