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UV mapping broken when files are exported

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I believe the title of this post to be true.


Attached is a simple file: a product bottle with a texture applied.  this object was created and mapped in sketchup.  I exported this as an FBX file from SKP which I imported into FormZ and all is well.


After modeling a display and making copies of this object plus many other objects like this, I exported my .FMZ file to OBJ.  Open the OBJ in Keyshot and the UV is broken.


I tried exporting with FBX and 3DS as well... and imported into C4D along with KeyShot.  Same result with each format on both programs.


If anyone can get this to work properly that would be cool, otherwise please fix this issue.


Now I'm off to go re-map a dozen or so objects  <_<

UV broken.fmz.zip

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I am not sure about importing UV into FormZ, but I export to Keyshot  from FormZ all the time.  Your file had a lot of errors.  I needed to ungroup the cap from the base, used object doctor with fix if possible clicked on (for both the cap and the main structure)  this messed up the mapping but I just re mapped (I edited your map file to include only the bottle and bleed the color beyond. See attached.)   I included a screen shot of what my settings are for both FBX and OBJ.  I find FBX works better with Keyshot.


Let me know if anything is not clear.










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