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support of LWO3 (Lightwave 3D 2018) file format

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With the new version of Lightwave 3D, a new format of LWO is used which is not loaded by current FZ versions. LW2018 can save in the LWO2 format as an option and natively read LWO2, but it makes file handling more complex. I wonder if it would be possible to implement import and export for this format? See here for SDK:




thank you



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This is so important. +1

Hopefully, Okino Polytrans will update soon too.

3DBrowser v14 is supporting LWO3

Much of my workflow with Lightwave has necessitated saving a neutral file alongside the LWO for almost every asset.

I also avoid using LWO exports from FormZ as I hate having to sift through hundreds sometimes thousands of objects to correct the ones with inverted normals.

If Autodessys ever get around to fixing LWO exports it would make sense to support LWO3.


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