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Trouble printing a pdf from FZ Layout

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I am trying to export out vector pdf of my project that I have in Layout so I can put in the dimensions within Corel because for some stinking reason the snaps will not work properly in Layout.


I try to print a pdf from either Cute PDF pro or Foxit and neither are able to produce a file. Basically nothing happens. I try to export a pdf but it doesn't come in clean at all.


Would be nice if the snaps worked in layout and gave me accurate measurements but even turning them off the dimensions still snap to spots that are not accurate. IE angle tool with constraint to 30 degrees produces a numeric run-out at 60 degrees.


Very frustrating because I was hoping to use Layout to produce suitable material for the paten office.


Any tips are welcomed



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What OS you are using?

If it is Windows you should print to PDF with Microsoft Print to PDF either Adobe print to PDF does the job.

If it is Mac OS I`d advise to use PDF Writer for Mac. It perfectly does the job and gives you the opportunity to chose paper size.



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I use either Cute PDF pro which supports full postscript or Foxit. FZ is the only program that seems to have a problem producing pdfs with the print command.


I exported the model out as a step, brought into MOI 3d and exported my pdf's with no issues. I was able to snap angles and get proper numbers, ie 60 degrees was 60 degrees and not 60.02 as they showed in FZ Layout. 


Besides the pdf export issued I would like to know why there was a numeric error of .02 in Layout when the original model in FZ was rotated at 60 degrees with a numeric entry. Also would like to know why the snap options don't work.


Running Windows 10 64 bit

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