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Writing step files

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I work on very large projects currently and exchange files with people who work in rhino. They export their files to me in step format and they come in to FormZ with good geometry, colors, and layers. I cannot do the same for them! Writing step files from FormZ produces no layers! Why?


I'm embarrassed by formZ's performance on this issue. Is there anything you can do please?



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Hi, recently, I worked in a project with people who work in Rhino, and we exchanged some files back and forth. After that experience, I can tell you that for me the best file format was without a doubt DWG, with good geometry, layers and basic colors, textures are not supported.


I don’t use Rhno, I know it but simply I don’t like it for my type of work as architect. However, my strategy was to download a demo version, I work in MacOS High Sierra 10.3.4, to directly control the import and export, and I had no problems at all.


Just my2c... best, Marcelo

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