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Multiple objects sweep

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The script you are looking for is  "n-sweep"  I don't think it will work with the new architecture.  7.x   is probably the last it would work with.

I actually built it for the 6.x architecture.  (technically, I think the 8.5.0.x is where it broke)


From what I have seen, the only scripts that work are the Utility Scripts with no interface.  I am not in front of a computer with fZ installed to test them at this time.  However, you are welcome to play.   (MIMI, is a Utility Script)


I don't know if ADS, has any of these old scripts available on their site any more, so, here is a link to all the ones I have posted.



I am looking forward to ADS opening up the architecture once again... when they do, I will update all of the these, and will have more to offer.

Am very excited to script fZ in Python as well (do hope that they don't lobotomize it's functionality, if they don't the possibilities are astounding)

Don't think we will see it in an 8.x  but  we can hope for a


Best Regards,


Christopher Lund [Neurascenic]

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