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Suggestions to Model Art Nouveau Tile

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I am doing a rendering of a historic building in Paris- the "Cité Argentine" by Henri Sauvage.  there are these inset tiles I need to model. Any ideas for strategies, tool-sets?








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Depending on the resolution of the photos you are working on I would isolate certain details and then convert them to black and white relief images.  Then I would use the displacement tools (preferably using the V-ray tools if you have them) to create geometry.  Of course this would depend on how close the viewer would be to the geometry in the final image.  If you are very close then I would probably use the Nurbs tools by tracing a few splines over the image and then just creating and extending nurbs. 

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Yes, Andrews suggestion is the way to go.

But if you don't need to be to close to the tile in your render and you want to keep your file manageable (assuming you have multiple tiles), you could do a mixture of geometry and texture mapping.

This is a cornice I did last year with the aim to keep the file size down etc. The larger repetitive square is modelled and the detail is texture mapped.


I've attached the maxwell texture if you want it. It use's a normal map that I created using "Crazy Bump" but you could just use a bump map of the texture.







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