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URGENT - file won't save!

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This file will not save- my only work around to move forwards is to save as copy and rename. not a good solution. I exploded all components but that doesn't help. I sent an earlier version of this file to Support via We transfer.


This problem started occuring in March or April at the end of a previous project, but I was able to finish. this is now seriously impeding my work. I usually get a 158:22 warning.


Here is a message I got. Please help. I am under deadline.







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Are you saving locally or on a network?  Try saving it directly onto your desktop.  I've run across this problem when the file structure on my network has changed and formZ is unable to locate the proper folder.


What is your file compression setting?  Make sure it's not set to the smallest possible file size--you want it one or two tick marks to the left.



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