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GPS improvements since 2006?

Bo Atkinson

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Re: » Archive March 2006 » GPS - To FormZ
This sounded like a path to integrate formZ generally with GPS, affordably for a small rural town with lots of dirt roads and generally easy going maintenance practices. 
Providing that formZ work smoothly with:
3}Large Printing 
4}Plus some kind of mobile data entry for GPS coordinates...

Edit after seeing another post:

I see this post might describe success with GPS:



Has anyone got a way to import data, to avoid "human error" ?



Insights Anyone?


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Ho Bo,


There are many ways to get GPS data into FormZ. You will need an intermediate GIS/mapping application to help with the file translation. You might need more than one. Depending on the GPS brand you are using, there might be free software to help. Gamin makes BaseCamp which can take data from your GPS and output it or more universal map data format. Then you can use some kind of GIS application to translate this into a CAD format (e.g. DXF). There will be lots of unit scaling and translation needed, but it's workable. I have use manifold GIS (manifold.net), which is pretty inexpensive compared to what else is out there, to do this kind of translation. I'm sure there are free tools out there, you just need to do some research. 


If you have more time than money, Garmin's BaseCamp will output CSV files, which can probably be manually brought into FormZ.


There's lots of way to do this, the biggest problem will be scaling/translation the data and making it accurately referenced. Eventually you will probably end up doing the work in a GIS package rather than in Z. 

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fz forum follow up

Gentlemen, thanks for all the thoughts and link.  These might eventually inform, with what is working, in some situation or other.  (I still have to find that old Garmin GPS device, from so long ago:)   In the spirit of sharing:
Probably better than adapting formZ…  I have since learned about recently available maps online, which may become more interactive and already provide for some tools.  My State already has a powerful  Department Of Transportation Public Map Viewer link:
I also learned of another key word to search in future. 
Geospatially enabled PDFs
As in: 
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