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Live Boolean - again

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Are other users interested in this feature? Some programs have this option, but there is still room for improvement. I think this is the only big shortage of FormZ.

In Archicad, I use the non-destructive liveboolean (or SEO=solid element operation) feature for exploring and scaling the pathways of a constructed environment and also for basic massing. But FormZ would be much faster for that kind of job. What do you think, Tech?
Here are a few links that tell you more about this.


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Thanks for the reminder AC1000, I had been thinking about this for a while myself.


I remember using StrataStudioPro back in the nineties on a mac which had this feature so it's not new tech.

Cool feature back then was you could animate the negative solid on a path to give truly great effects on the positive solid.


I'm guessing the current reshape tool with push/pull booleans uses a form of live booleans so would it be too difficult to implement true live booleans?

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