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Frame: square cross section?

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I don't think there's a way to make the Frame tool work with a different cross section... however, I'd like that functionality...


Is there another quick way to do this? (As well as with other cross-section shapes)



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Yes, this has been on the request list for years (since the frame tool was first introduced).

It would be great if this was possible, but I don't think it is due to geometric intersections.

If you think about it, only a circular section can have truly correct results from varying angles.


You could manually do it, but the intersections would not all be correct.


If you triangulate a shape/solid of what you want to frame first, then unstitch the triangles to individual faces, use the "define reference plane" tool to use the wall tool afterwards OR

sweep your section around the individual faces.



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Cylinders along the edges and spheres of the same radius at the points is the only solution that yields a clean model at the joints for any source object  We considered offering other cross sections, however, they will inevitably lead to unintended result for many source objects. These objects would likelyhave undesirable results at the joints and my not be usable for other operations.


Having said that, there are some exceptions that could be useful. For example square cross sections on source objects with 90 degree corners. Certainly something we can consider if there is interest.


As Des suggested the derivative 3D wall tool can be used to create part of this effect. Its even easier if you pre-pick the sources using the area pick tool with the face topology level and use the "Perpendicular to Surface" option in the 3D wall tool. This allows you to create a 3D walls from each face at the same height in one step.

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Or perhaps square-poly-frames whose end centers coincide, but do not attempt Union-izing. Instead optional spheres might be availably made at each frame vertex. Let the modler use that for Unions, or not have these generated at all.

I saw the square frame as a low resolution option, needed sometimes to render physical framing plans in general of for piping… Where the perspective effect is the point of displaying a certain modeling. The clean geometry is not always important.
If such a tool could use triangular sections, pointing to centroid or away… This would be very useful for advancing spherical structures, in this day of competitive structural ideas.

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