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Switching between projects on Windows using Task View or Task Bar

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It would be fantastic if switching between open projects was as easy on FormZ for Windows as it is on FormZ for Mac.  Using Expose/Mission Control on Mac makes it easy to quickly switch between open project files using a mouse shortcut key.  Windows 10 offers a very similar feature they call Task View.  However, FormZ does not work with Task View to show all open Project Files.  Can we please have this feature added?  It is really annoying to constantly have to go up to the top bar, drop the Window menu, and then select the other open file.  We literally use this 100s of times a week when copying and pasting between files, and without the simple mouse shortcut to view all open files, it's getting really annoying.


It would also seem that if FormZ projects were more Windows friendly, then they would show up individually in the Windows Task bar like other programs do.  Example, if you have two files open in Photoshop, and hover over the Photoshop Taskbar icon, both files show up.  This doesn't work with FormZ, as it only shows 1 file.



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In FZ V6 you could set separate shortcuts for each project window which was quite convenient when you had multiple files open.  I would set CTRL+[1] thru [9].


Currently there are Previous and Next Window options which work fine, especially if you are only switching between two windows, but which require more keystrokes for many open windows.  Hope this works for you on Windows and is of some use.  



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