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ZMT files

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I'm pretty sure ZMT files are material files for FormZ 6.7.x and older.

If you still have a copy installed on your computer, just drop the ZMT files into the Materials Folder and reboot FormZ to load them.



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Yep; .zmt files are the old materials library files....They do not work with v8.5 as .zmt files are a collection of materials where the new libraries are single material definitions in the .bzm format. .....If you still have a version of FormZ prior to v7 you can load these .zmt libraries and create a project using each material applied to an object....then import the project to v7 or above and save each definition into a new library..... Newly created libraries in the .bzm format seem to be backward compatible between 8.6 down to v7. (.zmt file were not backward compatible)


If you've used any of the procedural shaders, mist, grid, gradient ....et al; it's hit and miss as to whether they will be recognized in the newer versions as the settings have changed. 


Unfortunately there does not seem to be any way to just load .zmt files into anything above version 7...... I'd be interested to hear if anyone has a better solution as I also have many old project material libraries.



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