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GPS coordinates in points


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Hello everyone

I have a list of points Lat; long; elev (in meters)
Latitude and longitude in Wgs84

(nb. the separator can easily be converted in another as tab or comma..)

typically as follows:

45.2392; 3.1848; 573,000
45.2392; 3.18505; 573,000
45.2392; 3.1853; 573,000
45.2392; 3.18555; 564,000

(altogether 100 points aligned on an xy grid)

Would anyone know how I can convert this list (in text format) into a formZ file to create the corresponding point cloud?

I thought of creating a .obj file in .txt format
But I do not know how to convert longitude and latitude data to xyz values

thank you for your help

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The simple solution is to find a utility that converts a list of Wgs84 coordinates to a common format like obj. A google search seems to indicate that there are some of these out there, but we are not sure how usable they are for you. 


The other alternative is to find a utility that converts a list of Wgs84 to a text file of xyz coordinates. We have a sample plugin in the formZ SDK that reads a basic file of XYZ values and creates a point cloud. 


If you have some programming skills. You can convert the sample plugin from reading XYZ values to read Wgs84. You will just need to read the Wgs84 data, convert it to XYZ and call the formZ function to create the point cloud. The Wgs84 conversion to cartesian coordinates is well documented on the web.


We can guide through the SDK if you are interested in this route.  Please email devsupport@formz.com for assistance.



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Thank you very much for your answer.

I do not have the skills to create the pugin that reads the wgs84 coordinates.
However, I am looking for a tool to convert a list of coordinates wgs84 into a list of Cartesian coordinates with a given origin and so I can use the existing plugin

If you see this happening, do not hesitate to tell me


best regards


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Hi Hugo

Thank you for your input


I did not find on the linked site a tool to convert a list of GPS coordinates (wgs84) into a grid of points in a local orthonormal coordinate system.


I looked at how the calculation is done taking into account the ellipsoid associated with my area.
( I think it's the basis for calculating the plugin that would read directly the wgs84 coordinates and then generate the point cloud.)


I'm still looking for either a utility or an Excel spreadsheet to do that. Have you found something like this on the web on your side?

Hugo, in return I give you the link to the free tool that can generate very quickly a grid of points with altitudes from a Google map.



The process is simple:
1- choose the site
2-Use "get extend from map" to quickly match the grid to the framing of the map (simpler than the manual solution)
3-Set the number of rows and columns (not too much)
4-Start the calculation of the altitudes (get elevation)
5-when it's over in the opened window just generate the report which is actually the list of points from which we can work.




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