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Compatibility between files

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I just did the hotfix for the Yosemite problem, however, I was wondering...will files created on the 7.3.4 version open on the 7.3.3 version? Given that the files created on version 8 are not compatible with version 7 which honestly is a hassle...

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Welcome to the forum.  Yes, files created in v7.x will be able to be opened by other formZ 7.x applications.  However, 7.3.4 has a few additional corrections that 7.3.3 does not, so why not also update that version too?  (You can just choose Check for Update from the Help Menu, or download from www.formz.com/update.)


In order to support additional features implemented in major upgrades, the file format does need to be changed, but if you wish to open a v8 file in v7, first use the Save A Copy As command back to the earlier format.


Does this help?

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