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Z by numbers sometimes inverted in "generate"

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-If I "draw" a circle with the mouse and then enter a positive Z value manually (entering a number for Z in the input palett), the shape (cylinder) will raise on top of the reference plane. As predicted.

If I use "generate" to draw a cylinder, first use the mouse to place it and set the diameter, then enter a positive number for it in the input palett it draws downwards, underneath the reference plane. -Unless I first moved the mouse for Z, before entering the number.

If I do it all by numbers then it will build upwards and Z works as predicted.


This is especially irritating when generating objects from top view that are to raise upwards and wanting to set the height by numbers (to not having to constantly changing view, in order to work around and start Z off with the mouse to get it right). If I draw a shape I have to remember to use positive Z, but for "generate" I need inverted Z.


To test it, try this:

Open a new project.

Set to top view.

Select circle1. Place center. Draw diameter. Enter Z 2 in the input palett.

Select cylinder. Place center. Draw diameter. Enter Z 2 in the input palett.

Change to 3D view.


I get the first one raising above and the other one going underneath the grid (Z0)


I find it very confusing.
Is there rational explaination?
Can this behaviour be changed?


It has been like this since several years (since the Bonzai days), I think. Is this just an old bug?

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I was having trouble with this a year or two back -  all I got was a confused response from ADS,

I was not able to explain it with this simplicity  - thank you.

In my experience I was modeling off of dynamic working planes. It always seemed like some tools used "the right hand rule" for +x,+y and +z. while others flipped just the Z.

This demonstrates just what I was talking about.


I hope we can get this corrected. 



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I have had similar issues with inconsistencies in tools doing very similar things.  this is one of them.  I would like to see a system where the only time objects are created in the negative direction is when the user puts a "-" in front of the number. 

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We need the ability to lock the X, Y, and Z to the standard world axis for all objects.  I personally don't ever need the ability for Z to not be the same as the 'world' Z.   Didn't we have this ability in v6 and earlier with one of those little check boxes on the info palette?

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I was told by the support that they can replicate the problem are looking into fixing the bug.


I was very puzzled when I started with Bonzai several years ago, but didn't manage to find a good pattern. I just figured the the "damn" input pallet didn't honor the polarity for Z. I figured that such a fundamental issue would be by design /otherwise many others would have complanine) and blaming myself for not understanding it and that this software was almost impossible for me to work with having to constantly switch between keyboard, mouse and views. :rolleyes:

For some reason after a long pause I started using FormZ jr again and I just found the difference between tools and that it was a bit too illogical...

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