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David Lemelin

FormZ Pro 8.5 Windows 3D mouse will no longer work

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Hi there,


I'm sending this in out of desperation. Last week my 3D mouse on my windows machine started misbehaving with FormZ. 


-I thought it might be the drivers, so I re-installed those.

-I thought it was my anti-virus so I uninstalled that.

-I thought the FromZ preferences file might be corrupt, so I deleted it.

-Seeing as the preferences file wasn't the source, I uninstalled and reinstalled FromZ fresh.


Nothing seems to help. What's really odd is that the mouse works flawlessly in MODO and Rhino on the same machine, it's only given up on FormZ.


Has anyone ever seen this sort of thing?


Any suggestion would be welcome. Modeling without my 3D mouse is like driving a car with a welder's mask on. It get's done, but boy is it clumsy.

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Incidentally, I am also having keyboard shortcuts disappearing every now and then which requires me to dump the preferences all the time. Is this a common bug with anyone else? It feels like all the inputs on my Windows FormZ installation are unstable.

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In case anyone is having a similar problem... Here is an update 


I have been working with tech support from my Antivirus provider, 3Dconnexion, and now FormZ.


We have eliminated the virus software as being part of the problem.


We have eliminated driver issues and hardware issues with the mouse. With help from 3Dconnexion I was able to get the mouse working with FormZ again. That was just a process of resetting the driver and it's settings files.


The tech at 3Dconnexion was able to replicate the problem at his end (where the settings panel for the 3D mouse is impossible to adjust, meaning the mouse only works in factory default setting. Touching the control panel resets is to "Windows Explorer" settings which don't affect the mouse's behavior in FormZ)


Yesterday the FromZ tech and I explored what I was seeing across a shared screen and validated that the source problem seems difficult to pin-point. He is currently performing some research at his end.


So, no resolution yet... but I wanted to provide an update for anyone who might be experiencing this situation.

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