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6 hours ago, nhanhieulogo said:

Export Image doesn’t carry real world scale but rather it scales relating to how it was shown on screen. Also note that 0,0,0 world axis is not retained either.

I used to deal with this on a daily basis.  How I would get around it was to create a "L" like frame around what I needed to render (always rendered flat objects.  In context, it made sense)  the ends of the L would always extend a little beyond the object in both directions.  Fit the view to the screen and render with an alpha.  In Photoshop, I would punch out the image with the alpha, crop to the alpha selection and then I know the size of the rendering.

I needed to render pretty much to a few pixels in size on a 20' object was typical with about a 30 - 50 PPI.  It works.

Should my explanation suck, I can draft up something more exact.

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