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form•Z 8.6 Update Released

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Thanks ADS. The new version is up and running. The update went smoothly. The Material Parameters window seems more responsive, quicker. Well done!


Win 10, GTX 1080

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version build 10163

The interface is quite borked now, far worse than previous 8.6 builds and worse than any of the 8.5 builds I have used.

I am running Win7 pro 64 with Aero on (required for other software such as Affinity Photo)

The application window opens with bits of the interface over both screens with elements difficult to select as they go off screen.

Pallets inside the palette dock do not respond correctly. I cannot, for example, select materials or the menu items in the material palette.

However, the palette behaves correctly when dragged out of the palette dock. This behaviour is consistent with every palette when in the dock.

So yet another update to FormZ is unusable and again I have to revert back to 8.5x

FormZ's interface has been terrible for a very long time, every time I open the application the interface looks like it has been kicked across my desk.

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