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In Fz 8.6 I am not able to customize the tool palettes

AHDD Designer

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Working with FormZ 8.6.0 Build 10017 and MacOS 10.13.3 High Sierra


When I open the «Tool Manager» to customize the palettes (or in fact to bring back the Maxwell Tools), there is just nothing happens…

I can not move the existing tools in the palettes. I can not add new tools.


And: If, by accident, a new «Tool Dock Palette» is created, I find no way to delete this after…


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There are obviously some problems customizing the tool palettes.

Various scenarios have already occurred.
Some could be fixed after several attempts, other changes seem to be invulnerable.
In addition to the above already mentioned:
The Extension-Palette of Maxwell was suddenly empty.
The unfolded view was only 5 mm wide and could not be changed.
There were no icons in it anymore.
After rebuilding, the palette opened on mouseover about 5 cm from the pointer away.
When bridging this distance with the mouse pointer, of course, this palette was collapsed again.
I wanted to create my own Paltte for the Vray lights.
This was not able to be opened after creation.
And now it can not be deleted anymore.
In addition, there are some icons in Tool Manager twice.
Many icons have a meaningless shape.
Everything really unstable and shaky…


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I haven't tested this yet, but I know that the inability to delete custom palettes has been around for a while.  The only way to do so is to delete your preferences, which I try to avoid at all costs, so I just stay away from custom palettes.


I may be a minority here, but I think if the favorite tools shortcut [spacebar] had a bit of a facelift, there wouldn't be a need for custom palettes.  However, I'm the kind of user that keeps a pretty minimal UI  ;)

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