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facet lines between smooth objects in hidden line

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I keep coming across this issue.


Strangely, sometimes it depends on the viewing angle in hidden line.


I tried changing the smooth shading options but this works maybe 30% of the time.  Anyone have an idea?  This is part of a set of working drawings and it sucks that I can't just export the image without going into photoshop or exporting as a vector and removing the lines in illustrator.


Open the file, Hidden Line render, move view around to see this anomaly 



hidden line.fmz.zip

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This is related to display resolution.  I created a custom display resolution that works well, but it could probably be dialed back so there are fewer faces and still render HL clean.

hidden line - display rez.fmz.zip


..and here is a version lowered from 5000 faces to 1240 faces:

hidden line - display rez 1240.fmz.zip

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