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David Lemelin

Missing shortcuts from Window installation

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Hey there,


I am having a bit of strangeness with FZ 8.5 pro. I have been doing 95% of my work on the Mac platform for years, but hardware advances have made Apple a poor choice for 3D modeling going forward... So, I got a Windows workstation as a new start.


Catch is, I'm not a windows guy, which means fixes I knew on the Mac don't necessarily work on the windows side.


The issue I'm having is that the shortcuts have suddenly disappeared from my Windows installation late last week. I can't even get a contextual menu by right clicking my mouse or pan by holding down the scroll wheel.


On my Mac, I might just delete the preferences folder, but on the Windows side, I'm at a loss. Where would I find the equivalent preferences file in windows 10?


Also, can anyone identify why this would happen?



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Hey David,


I'm in the same boat.  Windows hardware is much better, but there's some FormZ UI strangeness that isn't the same as on the Mac.


Workspaces are really annoying right now, and I keep having to rebuild it weekly, despite setting it to NOT SAVE BETWEEN SESSIONS.  GRRRRR!!  Please help TECH!?!?!


What I found is that you can reset your FormZ preferences in Windows by closing FormZ, and deleting or renaming the autodessys folder under C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Roaming.  Next restart should rebuild the preferences from scratch.


I figured out how to do this from a 10+ year old post... Yes, this has been a problem for a long long time, and I'm hoping that in v9, we can finally have a singular preference file for all of the FormZ, instead of 5 or 50 files we have now.



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Thank you Justin, you are indeed seeing similar issues to me. The layout of the workspace on the Windows version of FromZ is maddening. Settings seem to refuse to stay put and the GUI is finicky in ways that drive me to drink.


Here's hoping v9, will someday resolve these strange behaviors.


Thanks for pointing out how to reset the preferences... I will do that right now!

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