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Linking files

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Many software vendors have begun to focus on file translation so that the transfer takes place in real-time without the need for continuous import and export orders.

We know that some want to do their modelling job with a particular program. Many firms have come to ease the situation. Soon, no matter what program you're working on, as long as the program is extremely fast, the lightweight and real-time link works. Linking an experimental  model to the BIM environment is also effective because reading data is not always sensible in the modeling program itself.
Hopefully FormZ is not forgotten when these things are being developed in the market. It is somewhat confusing that there are already such programs between Sketchup and Rhino. Rhino is a good modeling program and Skethcup is very impressive when looking at the model in the viewport in opengl mode: lines, surfaces and shadows are still the best in the industry. This is also strange how a very basic program is in this category in its own class.
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