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Subdivision Contextual Menu is missing

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I am running FormZ 8.5.7 on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6.


I found this page in the user guide that describes the feature I seem to lack:




I have turned on controls (see attached image) but right-clicking on points, segments or faces, doesn't open the contextual menu (I want to delete an edge).


The strange this is I know I used to see this menu but I haven't used it in a while and don't know when it stopped working.


Is there something I might be doing wrong that is causing the menu not to appear?





Sharpener Eraser Combo 1.fmz.zip


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It's working for me as well on 8.5.7 Mac 10.12.6


However.........the entire "show controls" menu will from time to time stop working.

Either I can't get the controls to show, or I can't them to go away.

Closing and re-opening the file fixes it, but it's extremely annoying (especially when I am working with a new user).

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I have three copies of FormZ; 8.5.7 (Mac 10.12.6 at work), FormZ 8.6 (Mac 10.13.3 at home) and VMWare Fusion (Windows 10) I can't right click on the Subdivision controls on my Mac, but I can in VMWare fushion. I have logitech and wacom drivers installed on the macs (not active in Windows 10). Anyone else having this issue on Mac?

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