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I recently had to re-install my system disk and do an overhaul of my PC's. The FormZ file i was working on had a lot of component libraries, many of which no show as "empty". The paths should all be the same to my component Libraries however.


I am not sure if I should re-load the libraries? or what? In FZ 6 there was a tool to replace one library with another- a sort of refresh , i guess. the refresh button in the Component Manager doesn't do this..


It seems like the embedded components are still there.


Any ideas?


Thaks -








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So I am trying to get my components straightened out.


I noticed that if I open a component in the embedded library, I change modify and save it, but then the same component in it's original library can no longer be opened.


Since I can no longer open those from their original library, I am opening individual components as models "CTRL O"and modifying them that way.but I noticed that when I save the changes, the date of the file is not updated to today. However if I close the file and re-open it , it saves the changes. I suppose something about being in a library affects the way it is saved..


I just have too many components in this file to explode them all as some users do who are frustrated with component instability.


any advice?





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