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Step by Step tutorial on using HDRI

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If you want to use HDRI for lighting within Form.z you change your sunlight to an environment light.  Then set the intensity to accurate and use a realistic lumen level ( I use around 70 as an average).  Go to parameters and set the type to spherical.  Under options load an HDRI image.  Under samples I tend to use around 700.  To get more color out of my HDRI I tend to increase the color factor to around 70% ( but this is really dependent upon the materials you are using and the HDRI).  If there is a sun in your hdri you might have to change the spin in order to get the sun to light your scene from the right direction. 
Now if you want to create your own HDRI there are lots of tutorials on the web that help. 

I sometimes use an HDRI along with my sun light but only if my HDRI does not contain a sun highlight in the image. 


You will love using HDRI images once you get it down.  Especially if you are lighting highly reflective surfaces.

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