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David Lemelin

Mapping on imported mesh objects

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Hi guys,


I'm attempting to map a graphic onto a mesh object of a pillow. The mesh itself is fairly detailed to capture the folds of the fabric. I don't need extreme realism here, but I am seeking for a way that would allow me to project the image I have onto the pillow and control the mapping. Currently when I place the texture on the shape, it gets chopped up and distorted on each triangle face. Is there a mapping method that can help me apply a texture as a planar projection, or reorganize the triangles to be cohesive? I guess this is where UV mapping would be handy.




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Flat Mapping.


Use the Map Texture Tool set to Flat Mapping.





Adjust with the Edit Texture Map Tool.





I made a proxy box to map on first (because it is a bit laggy on an object with thousands of faces) and then used the Set Attributes tool to transfer the settings to the pillow object.




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