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Extrude command - both sides option

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Extrude command should have "both sides" option. When working with nurbs it is quite nice to draw on surface (snapping on face) and then extrude spline to get object to trim nurbs. Option to extrude both sides would save time because you don't have to adjust extruded spline to ensure proper trim.

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I learned that you can do this by using trimming even if the cutting spline is out of the surface and does not even touch to it. Now I have another problem. Occasionally the holes can be moved on the surface of Nurbs and occasionally not. I can not find a clear logic for this.

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FormZ is full of secrets :ph34r: .


1. Extrude spline

2. Select ZX plane from Reference Plane Tools

3. Draw rectangle

4. Adjust the position of rectangle

5. Select Trim/Split tool: Trim with line

6. Select extruded spline and then the rectangle


Now you have hole on surface and you can drag that hole. If you turn extruded spline to Nurbs and increase U and V degrees you may move the hole almost everywhere on the surface. Interesting.


When you play with surface it will turn sometimes to smooth surface and loose control points.


The most odd thing is that the reference plane (project plane, construction plane) can not be user defined, but must be selected from the panel. Otherwise, the above does not work.



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