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And thank you for your comment. I almost forget. 😊

This was nice project to do. The customer was very co-operative and the schedule was reasonable.

Now when the project is done I can share these 360 panoramas which we used to show our proposal to the customer. Also V-Ray renderings.



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Great work Jaakko! How did you generate this 360 panorama? Did it take a long time to render?

Question for everyone... I have a really big/important presentation coming up in a few weeks for a customer. I've only generated normal flat renderings in formZ & Vray and after seeing this 360 panorama it has me intrigued. My project isn't a full store interior, but only a 16ft inline run (give or take) of one wall section. Since a 360 panorama isn't necessarily needed for a single wall, I'm wondering has anyone ever tried other interactive ways for a presentation? I've tried some simple animations over the years but it's simply too confusing & time consuming for me to figure out, especially with a rapidly approaching deadline. I see there's a "generate object 360" but I've never tried that. Is that where someone can spin my model around and look at it? Anyone ever dabble in generating a VR type of scene with their 3D models? Open to any interactive ideas here to get the customer excited...

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Thanks Tim! ☺️

From V-Ray Settings tabs choose:

-Camera Type: VR Spherical Panorama

-Render Output: 2:1 - VR Panoramic

My renderings were 4096 x 2048 pixl, that's largest what Momento360 site uses.

I don't remember exactly how long it took to render, but maybe less than an hour (i7, GTX 1080 card)

360 Panorama was great. I shared my screen during Teams meeting with the customer and was able to spin the Panorama there. 


I have tried object360, but if I remember correctly it doesn't work with V-Ray. Some one maybe knows better. That's a bitty because that type presentation would work better for single furniture etc.



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