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23 hours ago, Andrew West said:

It is also worth reiterating something I have posted about in the past. Which is the Material ID channel option.  If selected in Render Elements and your all your materials have ID numbers then it is very easy to isolate objects, adjust materials and adjust curves and colors in PS.  Works a lot like an alpha channel for every material independently.  I love this feature and it saves me a LOT of time.

OK, I gotta get my head around that. I've seen your posts explaining but never really delved in, I'll check it out.

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Last week I did a quick rendering of the droplet protection shield (don't know right english name) to the counters in the pharmacies. We use that picture in the prochure. The acrylic shield went to production and now we are delivering them to the pharmacies all over country. 😀

A rendering and a final product (custom size) in place. 



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Thank you Andrew and you are right reflection is missing. We had a hurry to get this product to the market. There was and still is a huge need for those in different sectors.

Justin. Very nice and stylish renderings.

Let's hope that we all can keep our business rolling.


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Excellent work Justin.  Thankfully I don't have to ask permission to post my images since it is written into my contract that I can use these for promotion of my business. 

This could be the last image I post for a while. 😣  Now entering another recession which will mark the 5th since I started working in architecture in 1984.   I am not sure which business is exempt from the up and down swings of our volatile economy but I am open to suggestions.  Lets hope this doesn't drag on for an extended time.  At least I now have time to play around with more features of my various programs.  Maybe I will finally figure out Caustics!


Underwood Final sm.jpg

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