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Vray beta lighting observations

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Just thought i'd share a few observations on the lighting setup in the Vray Beta so far.


Generally the dome light has worked well for me and is the easiest to setup and get a viable lighting in many situations by playing with the intensity and placement in combination with others.

Having some more control over the shadows would be very useful.

The IES lighting needs some more work on sample bulb setups and intensity options.

i have found overall that IES, cone and others are very hard to get at a bright enough level to work well in many setups.  Often the levels regardless of whether set to scalar, lumens or some of the other options are just too minimal to even be seen with a basic default setup.

The default architectural setups with a vray sun are often quite low-level and require a great deal of work to get functional.

The emissive materials are very good and work really well as block background lighting - much better than the rectangular lights.


Here's a couple of tests - often i have cut these off before completion so they will have some artefacts and remnant highlight dots etc. where the filtering has not completed.

They are set to 'medium' render quality and did not take long to get to this stage - just a few minutes.

The attached files are:


emission test1 = fur on sphere lit by 4 torus that have 8000lumens emissive material set. There is a small cone light at the front top as a fill.



emission test3 = hemisphere set to black plastic with an IES bulb front top that forms the very small highlight, a single dome bulb behind the walls set to about 20% and the left wall has a 8000lumens emissive material



Arch3&4 = images from both ends of a very low light gallery installation wth metal mesh and glass objects that have several (very) lowlight cones pointing down from above and the 3 emissive tubes set to 8000lumens material. They are concrete walls and floors.



How have others been finding lighting setups?


btw- today I lost my VRAY messages dialogue palette and have not been able to get it back even with reseting the all workspaces etc. regardless of whether it's turned on or off...

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Interior lighting and material trial:

Each window has a rectangular flat light that is about the size of the window and has a blue sky color set to it.  Turn off visibility of the light plane and set the intensity to about 20%.  Make sure they are pointed into the room.

Sun is coming from the far left and it has a size multiplier on it set to 8 to soften the shadows.

Adjust camera settings to get the best result. 

Add a bloom effect in the Vray render settings.  Not too strong. 

Total render time- 14 minutes at 3500 px wide. Dual processor 2.8GHZ 10 core ea . xeon machine with 64 Ram.  Nvidea GTX1080.  Do not turn on interactive render or GPU!


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