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duplicate layers / objects / materials

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I would like to be able to use the "hold key + drag and drop" method implemented when duplicating layers, objects, and or materials.


Right clicking to duplicate is fine, but many other programs allow you to hold down the Alt/Option key and then click and drag whatever you want copied into a blank area.  This continuity would be very welcomed into formZ.


I'm aware of the "double click in blank space" option that can be enabled, but this is for a NEW material, not to duplicate. 

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Also, can DUPLICATE LAUER actually duplicate everything in the Layer into a new layer?


Copy / Paste on Selected Layer is not a proper way to do this.  Example... I would have to make a layer visible, make it active, select all, make a new layer, make it active, and then paste?  This is way too many steps for what should be a simple operation.

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