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formZ 9 and Drafting? And Windows 10?

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With 2018 fast approaching and hopefully the next version of formZ, there are two questions I have:


1) Will AutoDesSys ever bring back the drafting module from formZ 6 and prior versions? While the new Layout program is interesting it is missing features previously found in drafting (I really miss batch rendering hidden line 2d vector graphics, and paste from modeling...).  Or is this a lost cause...?


2) Will formZ 9 have the correct visual styling for Windows 10?  The current version startup screen still says Windows 8, and the UI still looks like Windows 7.


Also as far as the UI on Windows goes, if using on a Surface, or similar tablet, if the screen orientation is changed, the formZ UI does not change orientation gracefully.

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I don't personally give 2 hoots about visual styling, as long as it is effective, user adjustable, with plenty of real estate to work in. And it would be nice if Layout is completely a tool fit for the purpose. Getting work done quickly is what matters to me. Time spent on visual styling is time which could have been spent more usefully imho. Clarity and economy of space with user adjustments which reliably stick please. XP, 7, 8, 10... does it matter?

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