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Copy paste issue between projects and different units problem

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I have some parts I had to model in metric and wanted to copy paste them into my full project that is in inches and it seems to take the unit values and makes them in inches ie: 25 mm becomes 2.5".


Outside of exporting all these parts I made then importing them is there a setting some where to retain the proper sizes?



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formZ will keep models in their real world size. We did a test like this:


- Create a 25mm cube in a metric (mm) project.

- Select the cube and choose Edit->Copy.

- Create an new English units (inches) project.

- Select Edit->paste.

- Zoom fit to see the cube.

- Use the measure tool and observe that the cube is 1" in size.


This is the expected result. We are not sure how you could achieve a different result,





metric 25mm.fmz.zip

english 1inch.fmz.zip

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Seems to be working fine now. Not sure but maybe I was low on memory? I have 32gb on the desktop. Was really strange and drove me crazy trying to figure out why the parts didn't fit. I'll see if i can duplicate the problem.

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