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3dConnexion problem

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Hello. I am having some issues with the 3dconnexion spacemouse enterprise (latest drivers) and FZ 8.5.7 for windows 10 Enterprise.


The issue is I want to change the spacemouse behaviour (advanced settings) to reverse the axis in the spacemouse. The problem is that the driver displays FormZ as the focused application but as soon as I click inside the 3d connexion window it changes app focus to "Desktop" or some other open application. This does not seem to happen when I do the same in other applications (meaning that the driver maintains "app foccus" when changing to the setting window.


Any ideas?


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I was having the same issue. The plugin is not staying focused on the FormZ application when the mouse clicks within the 3dconnexion options window.


I found the best way around the problem is to go to FormZ and select FILE/OPEN... When the File Browser opens just leave it open. Then, open the 3dconnexion options outside of FormZ (I click the 'menu' button on my Spacemouse Pro). The 'OPEN' dialog box keeps the 3dconnexion plugin focused on the FormZ application. Once you adjust whatever setting you need within the 3dconnexion plugin, just close the FormZ OPEN window.


Hope this helps.





Windows 10

FormZ 8.5.7

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