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Please sort out the component system

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Hi Des,


Thaks for sharing your set-up. It's interesting to see how others do this.


Well I made an error (or at least a daring change) by changing a folder name high up in the hierarchy, but it's because  I did a whole revamp of my file system to get rid of any potentially problematic  characters.


I centralize my textures and MXM's, unlike you. The filename was  "Materials + Textures", and so I thought i should get rid of the "plus" character.  I also renamed every other file, using a program which replaced white spaces and other problematic characters with stable ones. So lots of underscores now.  I did this to try to eliminate as many as possible sources of instability. There are often 3notices" and "warnings" in the Maxwell log about improper characters in filenames.


Generally, I don't get what the embedded library does. Perhaps it just lists which components are currently active, but we're not meant to touch it right? So why even allow us to open through it if that is so? I mean one should always edit a component through the actual library it's in (through component manager)), right? I respect that, but still I get instability.


Des,I have tried to implement all your other suggestions for working with C's, and i feel that i have better stability as a result.

1.)Create:import a model

2.) give it layer name that is the same as model name

3.) set it's working units to centimeters

4.) test in Maxwell that all works

5.) Open the library i want it to be in through the C Manager (CM)

6.) Use Create Component tool to make it a C in that library

7.) Save out.


I try to respect the use of the CM, and not ever touch the embedded library..


So why does my Component manager still sometimes fill with ghost libraries?


I have a folder called Components V8 in which I have other folders which are libraries.


Question: Can one directly open any of the FZ models in there, or should one always access the Components through the CM?



 nuff for now-





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