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Basic Section Question

Donald Wardlaw

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It looks to me that when I cut a section, it permanently alters the model.  And, it doesn't remember what the model was.


So, sections must be done on duplicates of the model in order to retain the ability to continue working with the model.


I'm surprised to see this approach.  Maybe, I'm missing something?  Would not be the first time.


I see that I can keep the model objects if I ghost or keep operands.  Is the the route to retaining the model?  Keeping them results in overlay confusion.  Ghosting allows me to keep them visually separate, but then the model I want might intermingle with other ghosts I do not want to unghost with the model.






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Hi Donald,


The section tools create new objects from the source objects. Often the results of sections are themselves used as operands to other operations so they must be real objects. The source objects can be Ghosted, Deleted or Kept based on the setting in the Edit menu at the time of the operation. The "Keep" option can be a bit confusing as the results objects are often obscured by the source objects.


formZ also offers non-desctructiung sections using the Clipping planes feature. This allows a model to be cut for visualization or inspection without destroying the model. For more details see this video: http://www.formz.com/Video/formZ/formz7_ENU/videos_html/Clipping_Planes.html.


We hope this helps.

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