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Material Groups - large and small icon views

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I like Material Groups and use them, however the viewing of the large and small icons once material are grouped is problematic.   As a result I only use list view.


I would rather see the large and small icon view displayed in a similar way to the list view.  Currently when I go into large or small icon view I can only see all the groups or only open one group at a time.  I want to see all my materials in large or small icon view at the same time.  Or maybe I want to see a couple groups, but not the others. Why can't this be just like the list view with collapsable arrows to show/hide a group?  Also like in the Layers palette.   That way I can choose which groups I want to display and which I want to hide.  There should be an option to show/hide all groups at once as well.  


It is very not user friendly to have to click on a group to open it, then go click "home" and then click another group again to choose a different group.  I'm not sure the drop down menu with Home is even necessary.   


Also if there are icons representing groups - could they be represented by the first material in the group instead of just three boxes that are all the same for each group?  Currently there is no way to tell the groups apart except for the name.  


What I want is seen in the image here:



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+1 - more collapsible controls, great! ......and related to this, let us not forget we are still waiting to see 'material by list view' in 'select by criteria - attribute - material' Collapsible material group controls would be good there too both in list view and thumbnail view.

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