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V.9 Wish List.

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1. Extend Line tool in draft mode: (my biggy) Ya'll nixed the "relative" option. leaving only numeric and percentage, as options. Takes a lot more clicks and stifles the ability to be random. 

(Draft mode is kinda wonky too.. Can't really figure out why it operates like 3d space when it's supposed to be in draft mode (2d space) But... I confess, I have not spent much time trying to figure out draft mode in V8 since I'm long gone and back to V6 by that point. I figure if my dreams come true and the "Relative" extend line feature is brought back, I can just export my hidden lines as dwg's and bring them back in 2d.

2. Stream line tool: (the most perplexing change) Ya'll eliminated the stream line tool which I can't figure out why. A simple trace of a person underlay with a Wacom tablet and the streamline tool, turns in to a laborsom process trying to finagle the curve tools. Sometimes you just need to draw and not waste time! Draw a person with the stream line tool in 2 minutes. Curve tool = give up in 2 minutes and go to V6 

3. Materials: I and others (via the forum) would like the capability of being able to change numerous materials to one property at once. For example, you import 50 models from 3d warehouse and you look over and now you have 300 different materials in your materials pallets. Each of those materials have different properties; reflective, matte, plastic, brushed, etc. I’d like to be able to select all or numerous materials as a group and change them all to one property, like constant or catcher. Right now you have to open each individual material dialog to change it’s parameters. Changing 300 materials one at a time is a half a days work.

4. Sweep tool: (the most frustrating) I know ya'll have heard it on this one from many users. If I have a sweep that needs to be done, I'm off to V6 to use the "user friendly" sweep tool. It never fails... every time I say "today is the day I'm going to conquer the V8+ sweep tool" I re-watch the tutorial, then spend 30 minutes trying to get it to sweep like I need it to, and 50% of the time it does and the other 50% I head to the dock and open up V6. Maybe there just needs to be a trouble shooting video done for it, that covers all the scenarios. It has good features, it's just temperamental and frustrating compared to the precision of V6. (Note: I do wish there was a "zoom in" option. in the preview window on V6 sweep tool....) 

5. Components: (this is my bonus wish) The switch to components from symbols has been equally as frustrating as the sweep tool... It's hard to grasp. seems like every time I open a project I get a new confusing dialog box asking me something about my component library. Not understanding the tech talk I just click something to make it go away and then find my components aren't working, or they are altered, or the materials are no longer assigned.  What does embedded mean? what does this new pop up dialog mean, what is this? what is that? if I click ok what will change? Why are my pink cars stamping down green?....

Where-as I'd like the old stuff added back in to the new software on 1-3.. I think this one just requires a more education... extensive or additional video tutorials on the working gears and what all the dialog boxes mean.



Bonus suggestion: The video tutorials are a God send! But…. sometimes they don’t cover everything or the tool’s video link takes you to a 30-45 minute general tutorial intro to Form-Z and doesn’t specifically address the tool. 

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