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Redo error

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Close FormZ and reopen, you should be able to undo/redo


You are not doing anything wrong. There is a bug, several of us have been trying to isolate it - with little luck,

it seems to happen most with complex files (over 100Mb??) 

and/or with geometry that has multiple textures





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We are not aware of any problems on High Sierra. What setting do you have for the Scratch Disk location (Preferences->Scratch Disk). The scratch disk is where formZ writes all of its temporary files. The default setting is "System Temporary Directory". Try switching to a custom location (for example make a folder in your documents folder called formZ-scratch and choose this folder as the custom location. Maybe this will solve the problem for you. 

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Thank you, Bartjuan and Tech.

I did as you suggested but without success.


I am pretty sure, that in my case the reason is High Sierra and oddities are lurking in OSX Library folders. I have problems also with Sketchup and Laubwerk (tree and brush application working with Vray). I had massive error log reports when tried to use Laubwerk. All the errors were referring to OSX Library. I have two MPB and other is still running Sierra - no problem with FZ or SU with Laubwerk. 


The whole machine with High Sierra was formatted first and all installations were absolutely clean.


I'll continue my investigations...

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