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Very slow color picker in 8.0.2

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I am working on a large file with many objects. I am now waiting on the pinwheel for 30 seconds after every change to the color picker. It is no longer interactive. The slider doesn't drag responsively. Clicking on the spot on the slider gradient does not make the selector jump to the spot. Even choosing swatches does not put the swatch color in the material. Sometimes the indicator jumps to one end or the other of the brightness bar.

I saw discussions of this from several years ago in this forum, but the problem does not seem to be fixed.

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I noticed the same problem just the other day - I had some 3D trees in my model so lots of objects... colour picker slowed right down.


If you can ghost or 'hide layer' some of the complex object groups that seems to get round it.


I'm on mac with 8.5 too

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